My short story, “The Show Must Go On,” was featured on the 5th annual Flash Fiction Results episode of The Weird Christmas Podcast, read by me! The intro to my story appears when there is 15:38 remaining in the episode. However, I encourage you to listen to the entire episode, as all the stories are top-notch, and subscribe to the podcast.

I’m co-creating some original work with some wonderful people. I wish I could say more, but so far I’ve written many of the scripts and was asked to serve as Head Writer. I can’t wait until we get to the next phase of our project! Stay tuned for updates.

Every Wednesday, I post on thriftstorefitness.com, where I review used fitness videos from the thrift store. I make myself into a guinea pig and work out to the cringiest videos I can find, so you don’t have to! Update: I paused my work on this project during the pandemic lockdown, because it was unsafe to go out and get more videos to review, and I also refocused my energy on fiction writing. However, there are five years’ worth of posts for you to click through and enjoy!