I had the good fortune last fall to puppeteer on the latest season of the popular, long-dormant television show, Mystery Science Theater 3000.  The snap above is an article written by lead puppeteer Grant Baciocco, published in Puppet Life.
The 14 new episodes are now up on Netflix. The response from the fans and Kickstarter backers has been incredible! I am so full of joy at having been part of something so tremendous, that I don’t know what to say.

Almost. What I know is that I always wanted to work on a project  – in any capacity – that had a cult following. To be part of something that is so important to so many people, would give the creative work I do such a lasting, meaningful impact. 

I realized at the LA screening and afterparty that this is it. This is the show, this is the cult hit. It’s the appreciation of the fans that makes this show so special for me and everyone involved. So thank you! Thank you for bringing back the show with your sheer devotion, thank you for hiring me, and thank you for watching.

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