In January I got to puppeteer on an episode of the hit TV show, NEW GIRL.  The episode aired on FOX last Tuesday.

I was brought on by the propmaster, Ben Lewis, who I’ve known since (mumble mumble). I had the good fortune of being able to pick a couple of puppeteers to work with me, and I drafted the talented Artie Esposito and Patrick Johnson of Swazzle. Here’s Patrick, myself, and Artie on the puppet set:


Puppets were built by the always delightful, Emmy-nominated Robyn Simms Johnson.  Here’s a still from our episode:


It’s a show-within-the-show called “Poppycock Palace.”  The main characters get obsessed with it when they’re binge-watching TV.

When we arrived on the FOX lot, we were very excited to discover we each had our own trailer:


I asked the PA where the ladies’ room was.  He said very gently, “it’s in your trailer.”

“I have my own bathroom?” I shrieked. This was an amazing day. Also, we were listed as “Co-Starring” in the credits!


Working on this show was so much fun. What a pleasure, all around!  Congrats to all!

2 responses to “NEW GIRL – “SAM, AGAIN”

  1. Playhouse, not Palace! lol I’m glad I found it. Any chance of Poppycock Playhouse being posted online or anything? A few, including myself, were trying to communicate to New Girl on Twitter. Thanks!


    • Hi Shawn – you are right, it was Palace, not Playhouse! Good eye! I changed my blog post to say Palace. I’m sorry I don’t have any info about whether more of the puppet scenes will be shown online. If you enjoyed this episode and want to see more of the puppets, I think reaching out to producers via Twitter is a good way to let them know. Thanks so much for watching – your appreciation of our work is very nice to hear!


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